“All you can Eat” Days

All You Can Eat Brunch @Asin? Now two times a week!

On SUNDAY between 10 AM and 3 PM and on TUESDAY between 5 PM and 10 PM, we offer you a very rich “All You Can Eat” buffet, for only 9,90 € !!

Our weekend offer: various kinds of jam, cereals, sausage, cheese, fried and scrambled eggs, mozzarella-tomato, dried tomatoes, seasonal fried vegetables, various warm dishes from the menu from vegetarian to fish and meat with side dishes, potato butter and applesauce, croquettes, various salads, salmon with meringue, fresh fruits, homemade cakes, fruit quark, milk rice and much more ..

On Tuesdays we offer (evening buffet): soup, various breads, vegetarian dishes, noodles, various meat and fish dishes (chicken, beef, pork, duck, scampi), fruit salad, mango quark, rice, different kinds of salads & dips

To book a table in advance is recommended. Book here now!

Your Asin Team